The Shanghai subsidiary of the Swiss art foundry has existed since 2012. As a large workshop for the realization of works of art, we have already been working in China with artists from all over the world since 2005. Our team in Shanghai supervises the works in every stage of creation, from the initial consultation to the finished work.


Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen Sculpture Production (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. 
West Z­­one, 1st Floor, Workshop 1, Jinwen Road No 63, Zhuqiao, Pudong New District, 201323 Shanghai, China, T + 86 21 68 10 18 11 Email 

Office and Production Site:
Ting Zhong Cun, No. 588,  Zhu Qiao Town, Pudong New District, 201323 Shanghai, Route



The Craft

As a result of our many years of experience in the craft of casting, we are the right contact for every sophisticated individual production in metal and other materials. With a foundry located on site, we are also able to produce cast works with very large dimensions. In our around 2,400-m²-large work hall, we realize the most diverse processing techniques and surface finishes. We have a pool of proven partners for the processing of wood, stone, and synthetic and other materials. In the case of such projects, we also coordinate and supervise processes from beginning to end.



Digital Model Making

Digital technology has become increasingly important for the production of complex forms. The headquarters in Switzerland already began to acquire in-depth knowhow in this area quite early on. With our own 3D workshop, we have a wide range of possibilities for scanning objects and then processing the data and modeling objects digitally. Based on this data, forms can be cut or milled from various materials in our own milling center, as well as also printed externally. In the case of commissions for the production site in Shanghai, we either do the production in St.Gallen or collaborate with selected Chinese firms that meet our quality standards.



The Staff

Chinese and Swiss employees work together at the site in Shanghai. With this combination, we offer a wide range of craft-related, technical, and organizational skills that can be deployed in a flexible manner. Knowledge of the language and the country also ensure good communication and the efficient realization of commissions.